Mar 18, 2014

Volcano Box v2.5.5 Latest Setup Download

What's new ?
Added Adb Tool,
Analyse and detect device

1)Reboot Only: Restart the phone.
2)Reboot ToFastboot: Restart the phone into Fastboot Mode.
3)Reboot ToRecovery: Restart the phone into Recovery Mode.
4)Reboot ToBootloader: Restart the phone into Bootloader Mode.
5)Reboot ToDownload: Restart the phone into Download Mode.

3.Build Options

1)Auto Mod build.prop: Automatically modify the build.prop in the phone to improve the performance of the phone.
2)Mod build.prop for unrestricted access of Play Store: Upgrading Google Market (Play Store) with unrestricted access.
3)Backup build.prop: Backup build.prop from the phone.
4)Restore build.prop: Restore build.prop into the phone.
4.BootAni Options

1)Backup Backup from the phone.
2)Restore Restore into the phone.
3)Write new Write a new into the phone.
4)Delete Delete in the phone.

Click here to Download (Mediafire)