Apr 29, 2014

Volcano Box v2.6.2 Setup Download

Removed Read info from All SPD Tabs Except SPD Android
Removed Read Password & Imei from All SPD Tabs
Added Support Area Button to Download Latest Updates in Top of the Software
Solved MTK6260 Read Flash Auto Software Close Problem
Added Support for MTK6582
Added Support for New Flash ic of MTK6582
Improved Read Flash of MTK Full Flash
Added Support for New MTK Android Flash Type
Added New Algo to Root Android Phones
Added New way to Root ADB Android Phones
Improved SPD6531 Read Flash & Dead.
Improved SPD6500x Read Flash
Improved SPD6500x Write Flash

Ps. For using SPD6500 You must install Latest SPD driver to avoid "Send error & software close"


1- IS ADB is for to know basic information of phone & is ADB connected or not
2- IS Root is for to check is phone Rooted or not
3- ADB Root is for Root Phone
4- ADB UnRoot is for unRoot phone
5- Wipe All is for clear All phone data
6- Reset Gmail to Reset Gmail account from phone
7- Unlock is for Unlock User code or Pin Code
8- BackupEMMC is for BAckup Emmc Data from Phone

How to do it ?

1- Open Volcano
2- Click on Android
3- Click on ADB Mode
Select your Desire needed option to perform